How does environmental change affect the survival of a species?

1 Answer
Jun 1, 2016

Species adapt to their environment.


For example, if there was a cow that grazed on grass, but there was no grass, then the cow wouldn't be able to eat its main source of nutrition.
Why wasn't the grass there?
There are several reasons why the grass couldn't be there. Some of those include wildfires, tsunamis, flooding, and things of the sort.

Since we know that grass is a primary producer, then we know that it is the beginning of the food chain or web. If the grass isn't there, then the cow can't eat. If the cow can't eat, it dies. If the cow dies, then another animals' food source is gone. It eventually goes to the top of the food chain, and the animals slowly die off. Then the animals must find somewhere else to go or eat something else, potentially harming the plants.