How does evolution affect medicine?

1 Answer
Mar 19, 2018


Darwinian evolutionary theory has no positive affects on medicine.
Adaptive evolution is important in the study of viruses and bacteria.


Darwinian evolutionary theory that species are changing into other species has no practical effect on the practice of medicine.

Early in the 1900s Darwinian evolution lead to medical mistakes by the assumption of 100s of vestial organs in the human body. Thyroids, tonsils , appendix, and other organs were removed thinking that they no longer served any useful purpose.

The studies of viruses and bacteria are not affected by the idea that at some distant point in time species changed into other species.

The variations of bacteria that create resistance to antibiotics is explained by the bacteria losing genetic information. ( Page 260 the beak of the Finch) The study of how bacteria lose genetic information is counter to Darwinian evolutionary theory.

The study of adaptive evolution in the study of viruses and bacteria is important to medicine