How does evolution affect our lives?

1 Answer
Feb 23, 2016


The evolution of bacteria and viruses are probably the most immediate impact we face.


Many people think that because evolution in large mammals tends to take place over hundreds or thousands of years, that it has no relevance for us. However, for example, lactose intolerance seems to be an example of an aspect of human evolution that is relatively recent - a few hundreds of years.

But more immediate than that, is the evolution of bacteria, parasites and viruses can take place over time periods measured in days, weeks or months. So, when your doctor says you have a bacterial infection and tells you to take an anti-biototic prescription until it is completely gone, you should do so even if you feel better after a few days. If you quite after a few days, some bacteria that are resistant to the anti-bacteria medication will thrive and take over and you will likely be sick again. But this time, the bacterial strain might have evolved to be resistant to the medication.