How does frequency of light affect its color?

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Oct 8, 2017

The frequency of a light wave causes our perception of the light we sense through our eyes and brain to appear as different colors ranging from red (low frequency) to violet (high frequency).


Energy moving through the atmosphere that we perceive as light moves in undulating patterns like ocean waves, or a running squirrel. Due to the various frequencies of light we can see different colors as a result of the light reflecting or refracting off surfaces or through different media (air, water, transparent solids).

There is a brief but well documented description here:

But, regardless of how energy moves, it would be of no value to us without the most amazing sensors in the world, our eyes, which can transmit the information about the light to our brains, where the realization of the colour takes place. The human brain interprets the information provided into colors that we can describe and enjoy.

The effect of different light frequencies on our minds is like the different sounds we hear as frequencies change.