How does land use cause a reduction in biodiversity?

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Sep 26, 2016

Using the land, may it be for argriculture or urbanisation tend te stress the environnement and to creat homogenous habitats. those factors lead to a low biodiversity.


In an urbanized habitats, there are a lot of different stress that only a handfull of species can tolerate. Those stress can be mechanical or chemical from stampling, polution and many more. Also the urbannized habitats is not a niche that a lot of species can colonize. In fact only very generalist species are found in those habitats.

land used for agricultur tend to be low in biodiversity since the trend in agriculture is monoculture. Monoculture induce extremely homogénous habitats wich can shelter only a few species relative to a natural habitat with a complex combinaison of niches wich bear a possibly wide variety of species.

those are only a few generalist example of the issue of land use on biodiversity