How does obliquity affect the climate?

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Aug 10, 2016

Its effect on climate is measurable as incremental, for one half year, and decremental, for the other half.


At a place of latitude #theta^o# N/S, the angle of incidence of solar

rays has the annual range #theta +- ( obliquity ) 23.4^o#

If the change in the range is incremental in northern latitudes, it is

decremental in southern latitudes, and vice versa..

At a Solstice ( by about December 21 or June 23 )), the angle is

either the maximum #theta + 23.4^o# or the minimum # theta-23.4^o #..

The mean value #latitude# is attained at an equinox ( by about

March 21 or September 23 )..

This gradation, in every day radiation, affects climate at a place.

The absolute value for this rate of change ( #+-# ) is

#(4 X 23.4)/365.25#

= a quarter degree/day, nearly..