How does placenta previa affect pregnancy?

1 Answer
Oct 18, 2017

Placenta previa does not affect pregnancy as much as healthy birth of the baby.


In Placenta previa the placenta is formed in front of the cervix. The placenta provides blood to the growing baby. As the baby grows the cervix may become streached causing spotting. This bleeding creates a threat to the baby and the mother. The mother may have to be confined to bed rest to prevent the loss of the baby due to a spontaneous miscarriage.

The real danger of Placentia previa comes with the actual birth of the baby. As the birth canal opens the placenta can tear loose from the uterus. If the placenta tears loose from the uterus the baby can be left without a blood supply. The baby without the blood from the placenta does not receive any Oxygen. The baby in a vaginal delivery can suffer brain damage from a lack of Oxygen due to placenta previa.