How important is the use of math in the subject of astronomy?

1 Answer
Apr 5, 2016

Besides astronomy, Mathematics is used in all astronomy-oriented subjects. For example,astrophotography uses Mathematics also but it is not vice versa. So, basically, Mathematics is important. .


It is Mathematics that is used to okay the astronomical findings, from the analysis of data that are compiled by instruments in observatories, over long periods of time.

Mathematics has a supervisory control over research, in astronomy.

All orbital characteristics are #pi#-related and, therefore, they are transcendental numbers. The use of continued fractions for approximations using Chebyshev polynomials et al in astronomy is relevant.

There are quite many astronomy-oriented subjects.. Some of them are astrometry, astrophysics, astrobiology, astromedicine, astroagriculture and astrophotagraphy. Astrometry gives mathematical formulas and methods, for measurements. This is directly Mathematics of astronomy. In the other subjects also, Mathematics is important.