How is the Hubble Telescope used?

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Dec 11, 2016

There have been numerous discoveries made by the Hubble Telescope.

To list some of the most profound, in my opinion:

Helped discover/confirm the expansion of the universe as well as its age and size (which also provided more evidence for the existence of dark energy)

Observe deaths and births of stars

Provides beautiful pictures of our neighboring galaxies and even close-ups of naturally occurring events within our own solar neighborhood (comets smashing into Jupiter)

Detected black holes

Helped study the atmospheres of planets orbiting nearby stars

These are just a few.

Just keep in mind that the James Webb Telescope is expected to go up in two years.

With all the information that we've gotten from Hubble; the Webb Telescope will be twice the size . . . 7x more powerful . . . I can't even imagine what we'll discover; I just hope that I can be a part of it!