How is the rock cycle related to plate tectonics?

1 Answer
Aug 21, 2017


Plate tectonics can be considered to drive the rock cycle.


Igneous rocks are formed largely because of plate movements.
Basalt an igneous rock flows to the surface at divergent boundaries such as mid ocean ridges, and cracks in the earth caused by plate movements.

Granites and lava are emitted from volcanos usually form by the movement of plates at convergent boundaries.

Igneous rocks are the basis of the rock cycle.

Metamorphic rocks are caused by heat and pressure. At subduction zones crustal material is forced downward where heat and pressure can produce Metamorphic rocks

Sedimentary rocks are caused by erosion of the Igneous and Metamorphic rocks, not plate tectonics. However most Ocean sedimentary rocks layers are destroyed at convergent plate boundaries called subduction zones.