How is the Toleration Act of 1649 that was created by Lord Baltimore important to the colonists back then and us today?

1 Answer
Aug 4, 2016

Actually the toleration act is an important today as it was in 1649. It set and established a precedent of freedom of religion and freedom of speech that was foundation of the First Amendment.


In a sense the Toleration Act is not needed now because of the First Amendment. However without the Toleration Act as a precedent we might not have ever had the First Amendment.

Today with the power of Political Correctness we need the Toleration Act more than ever. Maryland was established as a refuge ( a safe zone) for Catholics who were being persecuted in England. Once in power in Maryland the Catholics began to persecute any one who disagreed or spoke against the official Catholic position. Lord Baltimore a powerful Catholic acted against this enforcement of "political correct" views.

Freedom of speech and religion as established in the Toleration Acts is an important today as it was when it was establish in 1649.
With the increasing attacks on freedom of speech in the name of political correctness maybe we need these ideals more than in 1649.