How long would it take for a black hole to consume the Earth?

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Jul 3, 2016

Sun system might be tossed into Andromeda, when the the coronas of our spiraling and growing galaxy Milky Way and neighboring Andromeda brace each other, far away from our Black Hole..


It is a scientific surmise that apocalypse for our solar system is

only after merger of our galaxy, with the neighboring galaxy


Perhaps, this event might occur by about 7 billion years from


Yet, much earlier, the Sun in flames might wane and shrink to a

white dwarf, by about 4 billion years from now. The inner planets

might be non-existent then. and with the Earth in the queue.

Earth might not reach Black Hole as Earth.

My estimate for Big Bang Cycle (BBC) is more than 20 billion years.

BBC can be defined, with respect to our universe, as Disintegration-

Integration-Disintegration Cycle.


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