How many grams of fluorine gas will exert a pressure of 1.54 atm in a 3.2-liter container at 40 °C?

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May 8, 2017

You MUST know that elemental fluorine is the gaseous #F_2# molecule.


And in fact all the elemental gases, save for the Noble Gases, are bimolecular species. Is this true?

And we use the Ideal Gas Equation:

#PV=nRT="mass"/"molar mass"xxRT#

And thus #"mass"=(PVxx"molar mass")/(RT)#

And we plugs in the numbers:



Remember what I said with regard to the so-called molecularity of elemental gases. And fluorine gas, the most reactive substance on the Periodic Table, is not to be handled without special precautions.