How many grams of iron would be produced if 2 moles of Fe2O3 reacted with 3 moles of CO?

1 Answer
May 18, 2017



The equation for reducing Iron Oxide using Carbon Monoxide is:
iron(III) oxide + carbon monoxide → iron + carbon dioxide
#Fe_2O_3 + 3CO→ 2Fe + 3CO_2#

We then use stoichiometry - which is just a fancy word for looking at the ratios of different compounds in the equation.
For every mole of Iron Oxide in the equation, there are 2 moles of Iron - as shown by the coefficients (number before a compound showing the number of moles). This is a ratio of 1:2.

So, if we have 2 moles of Iron Oxide we will have #2xx2 = 4# moles of Iron.

Now we need to look at the relative atomic mass of Iron - which is 56. If you remember, a mole of any substance has a mass equal to the substance's relative mass in grams (e.g. a mole of carbon would weigh 12g). So for 4 moles of Iron, that's #4xx56 = 224g#

I hope this helps; let me know if I can do anything else:)