How many right angles does a hexagon have?

2 Answers

Zero in a regular hexagon because the angles are all #120°#


A hexagon has six sides, and the sum of interior angles of a polygon can be calculated in the formula: #180(n - 2)#, where #n# is the number of sides in the polygon.

Since a hexagon has six sides, the sum of interior angles is


If it is a regular hexagon, all the sides and angles are equal.

so each angle of a regular hexagon is #720/6=120#.

Thus, a regular hexagon has zero right angles.

Apr 28, 2016

It is only possible for a hexagon to have right angles if it is NOT a regular hexagon, which has been discussed in another answer.


An irregular hexagon can have 1,2,3,4 or 5 right angles. Try drawing different shaped hexagons using different numbers of right angles to show this for yourself.

It is possible to have 5 angles of #90°# then the last one will be #270°#

(#5 xx 90° +270° = 720°#)