How many seven–letter permutations can be formed from the letters of the word GIGGLES?

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Nov 10, 2016



The answer is the same as that of the other contributions, but I would like to explain a little more how the calculations are obtained.

The number of ways an n-element set can be ordered is:

#P_n = n !#

as long as the elements are different from each other.

But suppose the first element is repeated #a# times. Then, since all the repeats of the first element are indistinguishable from each other, in reality they will only have:

#{n !}/{a !}#

possible ordinations.

Finally, if the rest of the elements of the set can also be repeated a number of times each, i.e. we have #b# second elements, #c# third, etc., then we have:

#P_{n (a, b, c...)} = {n!}/{a! cdot b! cdot c! cdot ...}#

possibilities of ordering said set of elements.