How many students has helped?

Socratic just hit a huge milestone. We wrote about it on our blog, so wanted to share it with you all, the people who have made it happen!

1 Answer
Feb 18, 2016


At the moment of writing this post, Socratic has helped 10,396,813 students (which will be more by the time I publish this!).

So ... over ten million.

When we say helped, we mean that 10,396,813 students and counting have seen a Socratic answer—and while we can't 100% guarantee anything, we can assume that most students who have read a Socratic answer come away smarter and more empowered than they were before reading it.

This is a huge milestone that is the direct result of the passion and commitment you bring to Socratic when writing answers each day.

Thank you—you inspire us! Let me know what you think in the comments :)

By the way, you can see how many students Socratic has helped by visiting and scrolling down the the world map—but make sure you are logged out of your account! If you are logged in, you'll simply see your dashboard.