How much heat energy (Joules) is required to raise the temperature of 120.0 g of wate from -90 C to -5 C?

1 Answer
Sep 4, 2017

Approximately #4.5*10^4 J# of energy, this isn't surprising because water has an unusually high ability to absorb heat.


This specific heat value is needed to solve your question; it should be contained within any table of thermochemical data (e.g. look in your text).

#C_s = (4.184J)/(g*°C)#

#q = mC_sDeltaT#

The above equation relates these variables to arrive at the energy required to raise the substance's temperature to the desired temperature in your case.

#q = 120.0g * (4.184J)/(g*°C) * 90°C#
#therefore q approx 4.5*10^4 J#