How to use this website effectively ?

1 Answer
Jul 11, 2017

Use the search box wisely, designate where your question should go, find a user who can answer your question, break longer questions into multiple questions, don't expect it to be answered immediately.


Short version:
1. Use the search box!
2. Designate what area your question should go in.
3. Find a user who can answer your question.
4. Break down a multi-part question into separate questions.
5.. Don't expect your question to be answered overnight.

1. The largest mistake I see is people not using the search function. Try searching the main Socratic homepage for keywords related to your question. For example, if I want to know "How does natural selection affect humans?" I would search for "natural selection", "how does natural selection work", "humans + natural selection" and so forth. Why your specific question may not have been answered, usually something similar and piece together what you need. I try really hard not to answer questions that have already been asked because my time can be better spent answering new questions. You could be sitting waiting for an answer and no one is going to answer it because there's a great answer out there already. USE THE SEARCH BOX!

  1. Assign your question to the right spot. Look at the different subjects and subtopics Socratic has and try and pick the best place for your question. Many of us go to areas we know the most about, so we might miss a question that we could very well answer if it is in the wrong place!

  2. If all else fails, try finding a user who's answers you like and who you think would be knowledgable about the topic and shoot them a message.

  3. If you have a question with multiple parts, break it up into multiple questions. For example, "Who was Darwin and how did his ideas influence biology?" can be broken into two questions. Someone might know who Darwin is but not the second part of the question, so they choose not to answer the question at all. If you break it into two, that person who knows who Darwin is but not the difference he made, that person can still help you.

  4. Don't expect your question to be answered overnight. While this can happen, I don't get the sense most questions are answered immediately. I know I'll look through sections where I know the material and answer whatever catches my eye. It might have been asked a week ago or even months ago.