How you would name the molecule N2O4?

1 Answer
Apr 24, 2014

The molecule #N_2O_4# would be dinitrogen tetroxide.

For molecular (covalent) compounds the name is determined by the numeric prefixes based upon the number of atoms of each element in the molecule.

mono = 1
di =2
tri = 3
tetra = 4 (If you play Tetris, four blocks for each piece)
penta = 5
hexa = 6
hepta = 7
octa = 8
nona = 9
deca = 10

The "a" at the end of the prefix is dropped if the next letter is an "o". Thus the name is "tetroxide", not "tetraoxide".

The molecule ammonia #NH_3# is nitrogen trihydride.

I hope this was helpful.