I am always confused with the two words "were" and "was." Is "were" past tense or present tense? What about "was"?

1 Answer
Sep 7, 2016

They are both past tense forms of the verb "to be"


However, there are different forms, depending on which person usage it is.

#color(white)(xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)# Present tense and Past Tense

1st person Singular: I am busy.#color(white)(xxxxxxxxx)# I was busy.
2nd person Singular: You are busy. #color(white)(xxxxxx)#You were busy.
3rd person Singular: He/she is busy.#color(white)(xxxxx)# He was busy.

1st person plural: We are busy.#color(white)(xxxxxxxxx)#We were busy.
2nd person plural: You are busy.#color(white)(xxxxxxxx)#You were busy
3rd person plural: They are busy.#color(white)(xxxxxxxx)#They were busy.

So you could have a sentence such as:
I was on my way to the shop and you were already there.

He was busy feeding the ducks while they were swimming.

It was a pity that I missed seeing you when you were in town.

Hope this helps.