I live in France where you can buy wine in bulk. I normally buy wine by the litre. I went to a place which sold it by the kilogram. I completely filled my 5 litre container with white wine and it weighed 4.85kg. Why is wine less dense than water?

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May 11, 2017



The main component in the wine is ethanol which is less dense than water. When you mix two liquids of different density you will end up with a liquid of density which lies between the densities of pure liquids. Hence it is heavier than pure ethanol but lighter than water.

Water is one of the unique molecules that are found on earth. Its properties defy the classification of water into any one category. For e.g. #NH_3# ,#CH_4#,#HCl# the hydrides of the elements of atomic mass near to oxygen are gases at room temperature while water #H_2O# is not. Its density is one such property which makes water unique from other compounds.