I was trying to answer a question about scientific notation, is there a way I could show the arrows for the number of moves the decimal makes?

I tried to insert a picture to explain what I meant, but it wasn't finding any of my images.

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Oct 16, 2016

Your answer is as follows-


You can always get help to write arrows or symbols from the link-

2nd thing which you asked was that how it wasn't scanning any of your image which you were adding.
If you were searching Images from Google Images this happens when your Image is not fully loaded to display on your computer. That means the image which you are trying to load to your answer is not completely loaded and is just loading from the site to your PC. This can be noticed from the image if its Blur then it is loading and if it becomes clear then it has loaded and is ready to use.

Solution- You could just wait for the Image to completely load to display and use it afterwards.


You could click on the image and go to its site and then take the image from the original site to your answer. It will scan instantly.