Is it OK to ask a question and answer it by myself in order to be linked from other questions? Isn't it considered to be an abuse?

I am struggling with this extremely hard problem about polar area.

Integrations in the problem would be so complicated that the answer would be too lengthy to understand(and it would take a long time for me) if all integrations were to be done in a single article.

So I would like to "devide difficulty" (as Descartes said).
To be concrete, I want to perform integrations partially in two or three other post, and then to combine them in the main question by linking to them.

Here is another example of long answer I had to post (proof with mathematical induction). Of course I want to deal with it too.

1 Answer

I think it all sounds fine.


The short answer on the abuse question is "it's not an abuse".

Asking a question and then answering it yourself is fine - this isn't about getting credit for badges but rather creating a lasting resource that students will find helpful. The answer below backs this up:

That said, what you're talking about is breaking a problem down into smaller parts and then linking them together to make a whole. My opinion on this is that so long as the smaller parts make sense on their own and you explain what is being linked in where needed, then what you are suggesting sounds fine. In a way, it sounds akin to what LinkOwl does - allows someone to follow a link to supplementary information.