If gas occupies 56.44 L at 2.000 atm and 310.15 K. If the gas is compressed to 23.52 L and the temperature is lowered to 8.00 degrees C, what's the new pressure?

1 Answer

Use the combined gas law equation to work this problem.

#(P_1V_1) /(n_1T_1) = (P_2V_2)/(n_2T_2)#

Keep in mind that when you are using the gas laws, the temperature MUST be in kelvin.

The 8.00 degrees C needs to be converted to K.

To do this, add 273 to C. 8.00 + 273.15 = 281.15 K. If your teacher is using 273.15 to be added to Celsius, please use this number.

Since the number of moles (n) is not mentioned, leave it out of the equation. You now need to plug in the values you know and solve for the new pressure.

1st scenario:
P1 = 2.000 atm
V1 = 56.44 L
T1 = 310.15 K

2nd scenario:
P2 = ???
V2 = 23.52 L
T2 = 300. K or 300.15K

Set up the problem, solve, and check your answer!!