Imagine you could watch a star cluster from the time of its birth to an age of 13 billion years. What you would see happening during that time?

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Jul 12, 2016

A star's life span is much more than 10 billion years. It would pass through various stages, from nebula to ( ,perhaps, the current stage) supernova or neutron star or Black Hole.


There.appears to be a grace time of a few by, from B instant and

formation of stars.

However, the transition stages are

Nebula #to# Blue star#to#Blue-white super-giant

star#to#Supernova#to#Neutron star#to#Black Hole.

Our star Sun is just 4.6 billion years (by) old. It might become a red

giant by about 10th by and become black dwarf, later. I think that

Sun is not middle-ages. Its stage now is comparable to high-

spirited forties. in humans.