In a titration, when the number of moles of the hydrogen ions equals of the number hydroxide ions, what is said to have happened?

1 Answer
Jun 10, 2017

Neutralization of strong acid with strong base.


Titrations can be represented by many chemical reactions, but in this question it is referring to an acid-base reaction. Acid-Base reactions can be divided into 4 types:
- strong acid + strong base
- weak acid + strong base
- strong acid + weak base
- weak acid + weak base.

A titration that compares #H^+# ion concentration with #OH^_# concentration is typically a strong acid + strong base titration. For all strong acid + strong base titrations where #[H^+]#= #[OH^-]# the system is said to be neutralized with the only reagent present under the specified condition is the salt, #[H^+]#= #[OH^-]# & pH = 7.00.