In the female mammalian reproductive system, what is the purpose of the oviduct?

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Dec 8, 2017


In mammalian female, the main functions of uterine tube also known as follapian tube are: to transport egg from ovary to uterus and to transport sperm towards the egg.


The sperm gets its way towards the egg by travelling through the uterine tube and fertilize the egg.

After egg has been fertilized at proximal end of follapian tube, it stays for #3-4# days in the uterine tube. The oviduct also provide protection to the egg released from the ovary and serve as carrier for its safe transportation.

Oviduct is name of the passageway from ovaries to outside the body but it is specific for vertebrates other than mammals. While in female mammals, the same passageway is known as follapian or uterine tube.

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