In the skin, what is the function of the papillary layer?

1 Answer
Jul 21, 2016

The papillary layer provides nutrients to the skin and is involved sensory perception and temperature regulation.


The papillary layer is a layer of the dermis, directly underneath the epidermis. This layer contains (endings of) capillaries, lymph vessels and sensory neurons. It has a loose network of connective tissue, this characteristic separates it from the reticular layer underneath.

The capillaries bring nutrients to the skin. In addition, the capillaries can contract and relax to decrease or increase blood flow to the skin. This is important in temperature regulation .

The sensory neurons are required to sense things as heat, pressure and tactile stimuli. The loose connective tissue provides strength while remaining flexible and connects the dermis to the epidermis.

Also nice to know is that the papillary layer of the skin is what gives you fingerprints .