In this sentence: "Many people insist that our city is the most beautiful in the world," what is the mood of the verb "insist"? A) subjunctive B) imperative C) indicative?

1 Answer
Dec 6, 2016

This sentence is in indicative mood.


The given sentence is in the indicative mood.

To find the mood of a sentence you have to look at the verb forms.

Indicative sentence is a sentence which informs about some facts. The verb can be used here in any tense.


We will go to the cinema this evening.
Sue did not go to school yesterday, because she was ill.


Subjunctive sentence has a verb expressing what is imagined or wished or possible. The subjunctive sentence often contains would.


If I won in a lottery, I would buy a new car. - the second part of the sentence reports some possibilities/wishes, so it ois a subjunctive sentence.

Imperative mood is used to give orders or commands. It can be recognized by the fact, that the sentence does not have a subject.


Tell me, who broke the glass.