Is genetic recombination a major source of variation among organisms?

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Jan 9, 2017

Yes genetic recombination is the major source of variation among organisms.


look at dogs all dogs are the same species but different breeds. Look at the major differences between the different types of dogs.

Another sion is example of variation is Darwin's finches. There are 13 different "species" of finches all genetically related but with differences in variation and genetic expression.

If there were only four genes in an organism there would be

# 2^4# or 16 possible types of organisms or variations between the offspring.

It is estimated that there are is a possibility of 30,000 genes in the human biome. That is

# 2^30000# a number that is close to infinity. Look at all of the different types of humans. from the small bushmen of south Africa to the Masai of northern Africa.

The loss of genetic information is also a cause of variation. This type of mutation is fairly common. Some breeds of dogs have lost certain genes that cause the differences in appearance.