Is gravity a weak force?

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Apr 13, 2018



Gravity is the weakest force in our universe. Even tho gravity can be really powerfull sometimes, like a black hole, any other force, like the strong nuclear force, would be way greater in the porortions of most object with a high gravitational force.

Apr 13, 2018

No, gravity is actually not a force and also it is not weak!


There are the four fundamental interactions. I prefer the term interaction because only electromagnetism is a true force. The strong nuclear force is a residual effect of the underlying colour force. The weak interaction and gravity are not forces at all.

The strong and weak interactions only work on quarks. They are very strong at quark level, but have no effect at larger scales.

The electromagnetic force has infinite range and is strong. It however only works on charged objects. Large charges don't exist in nature so the electromagnetic force is effectively confined to short ranges.

Although much weaker than the other interactions at atomic scales, at larger scales gravity rules supreme. It makes objects become spherical. It makes moons orbit planets. It makes objects orbit stars. It makes larger structures in the universe.

Gravity is not a force. It does behave like one as long as masses and velocities are not too high. Gravity is actually a consequence of energy causing space time to curve, which in turn causes time to slow down.