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Is it possible for two organisms to live in the same habitat but have different niches?

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Mar 20, 2016




An good example is the Galapagos Islands.

The Darwin Finches & Marine Iguanas on the islands are adapted to their desired food source.

On each island a Darwin Finch is slightly different from one on another island.

The Iguanas I believe, live on a select few.

The Marine Iguanas eat sea weed in & around the coast, then go back to the island to lounge upon.

The Finches eat whatever the food source on the island they are adapted to.

This is an example of where two niches do not collide, the Finches can't eat the sea weed (not to mention, I don't know many birds which do eat sea weed as a 'first' choice) & the Marine Iguana like most Iguanas are mainly herbivores, but the 1,000s of years of evolution has made both species depending if a variation of the Darwin Finch is on an island the Iguanas live on, has made no competition between them.

Hope this helps.

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