Is Placenta Previa caused by stress and lifting?

1 Answer
Jun 3, 2017



Placenta Previa is caused by the location of the placenta in the uterus. When the placenta forms near of over the cervix Placenta Previa occurs. During natural delivery the cervix must open up dislodging the placenta. This can cause serve bleeding and loss of Oxygen to the baby. Often when Placenta Previa is detected a Cesarian Delivery is scheduled to protect the mother and the baby.

Stress and lifting can cause bleeding by creating a partial separation of the placenta from the Uterus under the cervix. This type of bleeding due to stress and lifting is often the way Placentia Previa is detected. The stress and lifting do not cause the condition of Placenta Previa but the bleeding caused by stress and lifting are symptoms of the the condition