Is the "area of a playground" discrete or continuous? Why?

1 Answer
Aug 13, 2017

See explanation.


It is a continuous value.

A variable is discrete if it can take only a finite set of values, a continuous variable can take every real value from a specified interval.

An example of a discrete calue is the sum of values thrown on 2 dice

This variable is a discrete one because it can only take #11# values: #2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10# and #11#.

The area of a playground can take any real value in an interval #(0;100)#.

The lower limit is geometrically defined. The area of a figure cannot be negative. The upper bound is only my supposition. I assume a playground is something small, so it cannot (in my opinion) be larger than #100m^2#. So I defined an interval from which any real value can be taken. Thus the variable is a continuous one.