Is the big bang theory true?

4 Answers

With al,l available evidence Big Bang theory is the best to explain the formation of universe..There is no better theory now.


Cosmic back ground micro wave radiation.
Red shift of Galaxies,.These are the two main evidence available to justify the Big Bang.

Nov 9, 2016

The Big Bang Theory is just that - a Theory. If it was unequivocally true, it would not be identified as a theory.

As the other answer states, it is believed to be the best scientific explanation of how the universe came to be, but again, it is not unequivocally true.

Nov 21, 2016

The Big Bang Theory is a scientific theory, so has evidence for it and has not yet been disproven.


It is also, undeniably, incomplete, as it does not explain where the matter came from - just that there was a large explosion.

However, it is incorrect to say it is just a theory, as a theory does not need evidence. Technically, Gravity is just a theory as well by that same argument.

A Scientific Theory must be created via the Scientific Method and both Gravity and The Big Bang are Scientific Theories.

Apr 25, 2017
  • There are both evidence and against of Big Bang theory .


  • BIG BANG theory has technical evidence.
  • Moreover, it is good enough to explain us the formation of universe.
  • But ,NOW , according to new model of Quantum correction to Einstein's theory of general relativity , the universe has pre existence and forever.
  • Big Bang theory is correct just to explain the expansion of universe but not for formation of universe.