Is there a blackhole in the middle of the Earth?

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Oct 16, 2016

we may never know... please read on!


Since nobody has traveled to the center of the earth to see if there are black holes, we can never be sure. The odds of a black hole being at the center are although very less. Here is why-

Black holes emit a lot of radiation. If they had been at the center of the earth, then mining's risk would increase and the metals we get today from the ground would contain some radiation too!

If the black hole was there, then the earth would slowly be shrinking in size!

All of this being said, we may never know if there really is a black hole though!

amazing question!

Oct 17, 2016

No there is not.


It is not possible for there to be a black hole in the middle of the earth as black holes are made when a large star collapses in on it's self after running out of nuclear energy.

As the earth is not a star, this cannot happen.


If there was a black hole in the middle of the earth we would not be here because black holes consume (for lack of better word) everything around it.

A black hole works like a vacuum, only using gravity instead of suction. However, a black hole is formed when a very large star dies and goes supernova. Meaning it runs out of nuclear fuel (gases) and explodes (for lack of better word) before collapsing and consuming itself until it's the size of a pin head.

Although it is now the size of a pin head it retains it former mass. Which is quite large considering the size of most stars.
During a star's lifetime it's gravity and pressure are balanced out by its mass. However, when a star collapses gravity gets the upper hand and forces the star to collapse under its own weight.

When this happens the core compacts into such a small size it has practically no volume, but infinite density. Because of this, the black hole starts to consume light. Meaning that the surrounding area becomes a cesspit of darkness that nothing can see through.

It would also require a speed greater than light to escape the gravity. As no object can reach this speed anything that passes into the gravitational field will be trapped forever.

(Copied from my answer to- If we could send a camera into a black hole, what would we see?)

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Jun 9, 2017

No way !!!


Its impossible !!!
Black holes are formed after death of very massive stars.
They have a very very very strong gravitational pull. Even light cannot escape.