Is there any country in which has not been viewed even once?

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Nov 28, 2016



For starters, it's worth mentioning that the number of countries varies a bit depending on who does the counting.

According to the United Nations, there are currently #193# countries in the world, to which #2# observer states are added to get a total of #195#.

This number does not include Taiwan and Kosovo, so one could argue that we actually have #197# countries in the world.

That said, Socratic has helped students from all the #195# countries currently recognized by the US State Department. You can see that by checking out the impact maps of a number of contributors.

Take, for example, Ernest Z. He has helped [at the time of this answer] approximately #6,775,000# students in #195# countries.

enter image source here

That's pretty amazing, right? :D

So yes, you can say that Socratic contributions have been viewed in every country in the world, an astonishing achievement that speaks volumes of the time and effort spent by this community to provide students with quality content.