Is there any possible way that people can live in other galaxies?

1 Answer
Aug 15, 2017

It should be possible to live in other galaxies but very unlikely.


It is almost certain that other galaxies have planets suitable of sustaining human life. Satellites have found over 3,000 planets in our galaxy which proves that they are common.

As far as humans travelling to other galaxies is concerned this is very unlikely given our current level of technology.

the problem is that as far as we know nothing can travel faster than light. This means that a journey to another galaxy would take a very long time.

The nearest galaxies are around 100,000 light years away. Even if we could get there it would take millions of years. Any humans on a spaceship would probably not resemble humans on arrival, assuming they survive the journey after many generations.

The only way that humans could settle in another galaxy is if new physics allows faster than light travel. This would require new physics which may not exist.