Mario bought a 1-gal can of paint to paint his room. He used 0.5 gal for the first coat and 0.4 gal for the second coat. How much paint did he have left?

1 Answer
Nov 1, 2016

0.1 gal of Paint


If we want to know how much paint is left in the can , and a can started out with 1 gallon, and we know 0.5 gal was used (also known as being taken out of the can) and 0.4 gal more was used we can then set up the equation

#1 gallon - 0.5 gallon - 0.4 gallon = X gallons#
#1 gallon -0.9 gallons = Xgallons#
#0.1 Gallons = X gallons#

So 0.1 gallons were left in the can.