Ramon earns $1,800 each month and pays $53.60 on electricity. To the nearest tenth of a percent, what percent of Ramon's earnings are spent on electricity each month?

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Dec 13, 2017



So in the most basic form, this question is asking what percent of $1,800 is $53.60. To find the percentage, we are simply going to divide both numbers then multiply by 100.

I'd like to add that by multiplying by 100, we change the number to a percentage. If we were to skip this step, it would just be a small decimal and not in the correct format needed for the answer.



#= 2.97777777778%#

All that is left is to round to the tenths place! Here is a super helpful chart on what the different place values are: enter image source here
We see that the tenths place is is number immediately after the decimal. We know that we will be rounding #9#. To do this we just look at the number just to the right of it, #7#, and if it's above #5# we will round it up.

Since it is, we round the entire number up to our final answer of #3%#.

Hope this helped!
~Chandler Dowd