Recent results from very bright supernovae in very distant galaxies seem to indicate what about the expansion of the universe?

2 Answers

The type 1a supernova can be used as standard candle. over very long distances.


Astronomers used this and found out that the universe is accelerating due to dark energy.

Mar 11, 2017

The rate of expansion of the universe is increasing.This means that the universe will continue to expand and never recycle.


The increasing rate of expansion indicates that is not enough mass or matter in the universe ( including dark matter) to bring the universe back together ( the big crush). This means that the end of the universe will be heat death. Entropy will dominate the universe until all matter has been turned into energy and all the energy will be just a few degrees about absolute zero. There will be no useable energy or matter left in the universe.

The clear implication is that the universe will have an ending just as it had a beginning ( see Big Bang theory) This means that the universe is an open system. The conclusion is that matter and energy are not eternal and there must exist something outside of the universe that is not matter and energy.