Someone knows the meaning of this kind of question? How much greater is (9x6−4)+(10x5−15x4+14)?

1 Answer
Jul 2, 2015

I'd say this is a mistyped question.


I think that the #"+"# sign that connects the two expressions should have been a than instead.

I think the question should look like this

  • How much greater is #(9*6-4) " than " (10*5-15*4+14)"#?

I'm not really sure about any of this, though. As far as I'm concerned, it could mean a different thing altogether.


Hey, I see that there are quite a lot of questions that have this format

  • How much bigger is "something" + "something"

so I'd say that this is probably what happened when these questions were posted (notice that many of them don't show who or when posted them) - "than" was replaced with "+".