Soon purchased an office chair for $167.87. She received a $19.95 rebate from the manufacturer an $8.95 rebate from the store. The sales tax in her state is 55%. What is the final price?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2018

The final price is #$215.40#.


A rebate is a partial refund, so start by subtracting the two rebates from the original price.

#$167.87 - $19.95 = $147.92#

#$147.92 - $8.95 = $138.97#

Next, the sales tax is 55%. In decimal terms, this is 0.55. However, she still has to pay full price for the chair AND the sales tax, so we add 1. Now multiply the decimal by the current chair price, and find your final answer.

#$138.97 * 1.55 = $215.4035#

You end up with a longer decimal, but since we only go to the hundreds place (pennies) when paying for things, you have to round to the hundreds place. So your final answer is #$215.40#.