Store manager paid $15 for a computer case and sells it in the store for 65% more than she paid. What expression represents the price of the computer case in the store?

1 Answer
Nov 27, 2016


Where #X# represents the cost of the item, and #Y# represents the increased cost, in the form of a decimal.


The cost of the computer case was $15. The price increase can be represented by 65% more than $15 dollars. These two values are separate, considering that there is a consideration for the original price and a consideration for the increase of the price.

Alternatively, the values can be connected by simply taking the cost of the computer case and multiplying it by 1.65, which will give the same final answer. This means that it's selling for 65% more than 100% of its original cost.

Either one will work, but the #X+X(Y)# expression, in my opinion, is better suited because it isolates and acknowledges both the initial cost and the price increase based on that initial cost.