The expected tip at a restaurant is 18%. If your meal costs $14.20, what is a reasonable tip for you to leave?

1 Answer
Nov 29, 2016

$2.56 would be a reasonable tip to leave.


This question is to calculate 18% of $14.20.

"Percent" or "%" means "out of 100" or "per 100", Therefore 18% can be written as #18/100#.
When dealing with percents the word "of" means "times" or "to multiply".

Finally, lets call the number we are looking for "n".

Putting this altogether we can write this equation and solve for #n# while keeping the equation balanced:

#n = 18/100 xx $14.20#

#n = $255.6/100#

#n = $2.56# rounded to the nearest penny.