Using the periodic table, how would you predict the charges of the ions of the following elements?


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Jul 27, 2017

see below


The question is very compless. Ga and Sr are two metals; they have in the last energetic level a number of electrons given from the number of the column of periodic table in which they lay;
then Sr has two electrons that can lose and becomes #Sr^(2+)# while Ga becomes #Ga^(3+)# .

Br an Se are non metals and they try to purchase electrons to complete their octet, becoming anions. Br in the seventh column A (or XVII) has 7 electrons and becomes #Br^-# while Se in the sixth column A(XVI) has 6 electrons and purchasing two electrons becomes #Se(2-)#.

They can also form anions bonding themselves with oxygen #(BrO^-, BrO_2^(-), BrO_3^(-), BrO_4^(-))# giving respectively to oxigen 1,2,3,4 electronic doubles.

Se, with oxygen can also forms #SeO_2^(2-), SeO_3^(2-),#
As is an anphoteric element and can give thre of its 5 electrons as metal (As^3+) or can form anions with oxigen #(AsO_2^(-), AsO_3^(-)) # as Br and Se.
I hope to have helped you sufficiently