Was Mansa Musa a good king?

1 Answer
Jan 3, 2016

Following are a brief lists of the exploits of Mansa Musa. He fulfilled his role as king effectively, but this is subjective.

(1) Following his pilgrimage, Mansa Musa brought back scholars, bureaucrats, and architects to contribute to the Mali Empire.

(2) As a result of his pilgrimage, Islamic education flourished in the form of mosques, libraries, and universities.

(3) He supported the active trade of gold and salt in and out of the Mali Empire to usher in enormous wealth.

(4) He subdivided his empire provincially to establish regional governments which ensured that local issues were dealt with.

(5) Established religious freedom.

(6) Was very kingly, which allowed him to serve as a rallying-around point for the Mali Empire, as well as strengthening the Empire's identity.

(7) Put Mali on the map (gained the attention of European cartographers).