What is the name of #P_4O_6# ?

1 Answer

Tetraphosphorus hexaoxide


I first went with phosphorus trioxide, as that is what I knew it as...
Please see wikipedia for more details.

A more accurate and up-to-date name is: Tetraphosphorus hexaoxide

Even though there is a review for the steps in determining the name of binary molecular compounds like #P_4O_6#.

The correct name is: Tetraphosphorus hexaoxide

This is confirmed by the entry in the PubChem - which is run by the US National Library of Medicine, the ChEBI Ontology, and ChemSpider (Royal Society of Chemistry), none of which show an entry for Tetraphosphorus hexoxide.

This is an image of the molecular structure of this compound.

enter image source here

Ref: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/123290