What are 5 scientific theories about how the world was formed?

1 Answer
Apr 14, 2016

There aren't 5 theories, there is only 1 theory that is broadly accepted by scientists.


The nebular hypothesis explains how the solar system; our sun, the planets, the Earth and all the moons formed as part of one continuous process. Here are steps:

step 1 the birth of our solar system began as dust and gases (nebula) started to gravitationally collapse
step 2 the nebula contracted into a rotating disk that was heated by the conversion of gravitational energy into thermal energy. .
step 3 cooling of the nebular cloud caused rocky and metallic material to condense into tiny solid particlesAll of the hydrogen collapsed and formed the sun
step 4 repeated collisions caused the dust-sized particles to gradually coalesce into astroid-sized bodies
step 5 within a few million years these bodies acreted into the planets, including the Earth.
From: https://quizlet.com/79592232/nebular-hypothesis-steps-flash-cards/